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Ellis Wormhole and time travel |

Ellis Wormhole and time travel


Previously for “worm hole,” but I was allowed to introduce only summary,

A worm-hole, one of the space-time structure, from a certain point, is that of space that connects one point away.

Once you have to be able to pass through there, space-time it is possible to move in an instant (Warp)! It is said that.

However, it is also a story that becomes apart at the moment that through was ….

I wonder – I, eventually warp Jan something unreasonable … Unfortunately o (‘д`) o

Disagreeable! That’s still the apparently there is hope!

So, to introduce this time is the guy called “Ellis wormhole”.

This is because, even in the worm hole, “a passable” those which are distinguished as worm holes,

Thing and can be up to time travel not’m warp only if there is a “Ellis wormhole”!

Such a thing is, I have been told that there may be present a lot in space maybe,

Or go to the really found if the past or the future to take advantage of this, and warp in the spacecraft, at once human beings still to savage planet I might be able to advance!

w (° o °) w Oo! This is, I dream spread ^^

Its “Ellis wormhole” is either not there in space? The researchers I believe that, but find the is as quite difficult …

Moreover, even whether or not visible does not know (¯ω¯;)

Here it is a story, but it is a black hole that is very similar to whether know not worm-hole just as visible.

Black holes will inhale even light.

It was also hard to observe from the Earth because there is no light, a black hole is possible is now being observed.

And say how we have observed, we use the [gravitational lens effect].

what’s that···?

Black hole would inhale anything, it is a celestial body insanely large mass.

Mass also is why gravity is also ridiculously large as possible.

If gravity is large, it will bend caught in the force of gravity when the light passes through the buckwheat.

Since the turn is straight forward should of light, where the light is bent is, is there gravity is greater “something” you do not look.

It find that the success was the black hole w (¯o¯) w Oo!

So returns the story ^^;

Observation I think we can find in the same way also, “Ellis wormhole” if as described above? It has been said to

Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, Nagoya University, was theoretically study the gravitational microlensing effect results,

2010 seems like began to find a way to distinguish between black holes and other celestial bodies to “Ellis wormhole”! !

Now, Toka doing research to find the “Ellis wormhole” analyzed using that method.

The study of the worm hole, such as it is said that there is only in the SF had progressed so far is a surprise w (° o °) w

Really substances can pass through, it is great if you can Nante space-time moving ~!

Have promote more research, “Ellis wormhole” discovery! I want to hear the news that!



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