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China-UMA【Yeti】 |



I thought that if let’s write occasionally also about this from an unidentified animal (UMA).

He had received the very first impact for UMA is probably the time to introduce “yeti”.

By the way, what is the “yeti”? I’m a gonna be,

China is the UMA, which is said to have in the mountains that still spread also the land of uncivilized say Hubei God Noka.

The genre specific has been said that it is the American Bigfoot and Himalayan Yeti, of the same kind of ape system and hibagon of Japan UMA.

From the appearance, which is covered in the whole body red hair, height is about the same as the roughly adult male, but I want the in the mountains are said to be the headquarters,

It is unconfirmed organisms still a lot of mysteries.

I do not constantly witness information from a long time ago, but the truth is also true that there are many shady.

Because you haunt also wild monkeys and bear in this area also to say, also it seems that there is misconception about it.

Or after say China unique, but is often the information say shot and killed from entering, is also the reason why the carcasses and ecology are said to be Kyogen not been discovered.

That was aware of the UMA of “yeti” is, I think he was around the high school.

In TV show called Gimiabureiku was doing at that time, the video of the person who is said a man who was born after the crosses of the yeti and a human woman was flowing.

It has stores that also watched the video many times become stunned much of the impact.

Here is the image of the man.

The man is nothing not wearing, at that time, according to information that has been said in TV, occasionally, things and show the figure came down from the mountains to the beaten track.

In the video, he had reflected how the eating got the food from villagers.

Or that the operating, we remember was the person who brings on anything strange atmosphere.

However, the new information at a later more than 10 years, I will also talk to say that Gase because it or the person may appear that the brother of this man.

In and say what is the identity of this man, that that there is a theory that brought the people with intellectual disabilities in order to take this video.

And I say why do you do that, seems to be because become rich as a result if such people visit a lot in the village and to introduce the yeti.

What exactly the place where he said the village revitalization.

In fact these techniques is not limited to the UMA is here and there of China, in particular, have been still said to be also be used in rural areas.

Since Japan has a thing to say at that time UFO, and UMA was a little boom, it might be said to have hooked well.

However, the famous curiosa “Classic of Mountains and Seas” ※ of China is so there is a description of the yeti, things that convey the detail in conjunction with comical illustrations.

※ Classic of Mountains and Seas:
Chinese geography book. China ancient Hataasa-Han Dynasty from the Warring States period of (the fourth century BC – 3 century) has been considered to be established gradually been added through writing,
It is the oldest of the geography book (topography).

By the way, in this area, golden monkey, which became the model of the Monkey King, golden monkey (Golden Snub-nosed Monkey) also seems to be inhabiting.

China, Hubei God Noka is probably because the very vast natural and biological untouched there still.

Maybe, Maybe somewhere also yeti.



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