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Sun-turning UFO |

Sun-turning UFO


Because it is once again so UFO appeared around the sun, First of all, please visit!

A result of many years of solar observation, is that of a has been found that always has some of the spheres are turning around the sun.

First, in the Russian scientists that there was discovered a sphere that pivots around the sun, in six, seven years ago of the event, he is confirmed in any of the places around the sphere is the sun of something every day It seems to have been cast to be able to.

This time, posted this video, Mr. Alexei Sapojinikofu is a Russian independent UFO researcher,

In its own YouTube channel “myunhauzen74”, I would like a number of the state in which reflected a huge UFO around the sun are introduced.

Come out to those of the video image, which has been captured by NASA’s sun-heliosphere observation satellite “SOHO”, you have me to visualize the various activities of the sun.

The unidentified flying object that appears around the sun, in between, such as a UFO researcher, and rumors that the alien is to control the amount of heat such as the sun,

Has rife, such as rumors that all the energy by utilizing such as solar heat and flare.

In addition, on the surface of the sun, if there Stargate (※) is, it is also said that the UFO from another universe has arrived ^^;

Stars gate
That connection with nitrous space called the gates and wormhole in interstellar mobile device, can be moved instantly.

Well, there are various theories, is the fact that the sphere can be confirmed around the sun, it will no doubt that the clarification is to contribute to the possibility of alien discovery.

UFO researcher of the comments on this

“They think I have to adjust the output of the sun. What is adjusted to be in just the right temperature to Earth,

Or (in the sun) is also possible that the temperature control for generating a rare substance “

I understand that.

The following is the reaction of the net.

・ And normally I thought, or there with warp technology, skip the object that stands out that would interfere with the simple electromagnetic wave? Toka sunlight.

・ One’m objects in about Hawaii, but wonder why not burn out in the solar heat.

・ Will do considerable huge this Once you have from the size of the sun? It also would burn out ‘s this distance as it is the debris, I’m hoping

・ Are not that you guys were still seen UFO? Watch and I will try to see from convinced that recent UFO watch

↑ last comment sounds is as long as the enviable ^^;

Anyway, I want to gaze into UFO that now also appear around the sun.



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      それは凄いですねщ(゚ロ゚щ) そんな動画が観られてうらやましいです!\(◎∠◎)/