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Edo Period【Emptiness-boat-mystery】 |

Edo Period【Emptiness-boat-mystery】


The previous Ieyasu Tokugawa Close Encounters of the Third Kind? Because I did a “meat man” incident,

Then what you, but to say … and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which this time, is said to have happened to the other one of the Edo era? Incident …

Talk of “Utsuro-Bune (blank negation)” ← [UFO (unidentified flying object) theory] of Bakin Takizawa (Bakin Takizawa = Takizawa Bakin) also leave to introduce.

This is, the Bakin is himself together Kidan-ghost story that was told in = a collection of culture, who has been a member “Usagienkai (the banquet)”,

This story is in the thing that was published titled “Usagien novel”.


It is 1803 (1803) 22 February that …

Offshore of the beach called “original conceived” of Hitachi Province (Ibaraki Prefecture), because things like boat was visible, village of fishermen are caught by rowing out a lot of the boat, came attracted to the beach.

In the boat is a strange form, between the diameter of 3 (about 5.5m) as of round form, such as the incense of the container, the upper part is feeling … bottom like stretched the glass and the sliding door is a plate of metal of muscle it had been stuck as Toka …

Then, yes women of appearance was riding alone unfamiliar is in.

This is a woman of foreign depicted in Usagien novel (hollow boat).

Certainly it is UFO-ish … ^^;

The woman of the eyebrows and the hair is red, face pink. In hairstyle white and long pigtail (pigtail), of it to have been hanging on the back.

Women not through the words to, seems to have not can also ask where the person.

She, the two feet (about 60cm) have a square box, special attachment there and appeared to those of, without trying to Hanaso also moment, also did not attempt to touch anyone …

Where the village of fishermen was examined what is in the ship diligently, vial-aqueous secondary bushel entered, two rugs, things like sweets, things that there was a food, such as kneading the meat.

Women of the foreign country is that the village of fishermen are discussing gathered, it says to have been seen relaxing with a smile.

In addition, Toka he mystery of characters, such as in the image below in the boat had been written a lot …

Village elders
“I’m sure probably was shed in response to the punishment in a foreign country.”
And, I guess, but there was also the voice of the “Let’s Todokedeyo the shogunate” as the incident, because the also troublesome become important in exiting Once notified, we called had as it is, also flow to sea.

··· (¯ ¯;)・・・

It’s strange in the just washed ashore incident.

It feels like ethnic costume also was riding woman unfamiliar with something mysterious to …

Roughly, what got to real Nante country you are using Toka character of the mystery of the image above Toka of this form boat?

This is still, than a UFO that crash-landed in the sea? I seem to get thought, but …

This incident, more interesting is not that have recorded the incident just this one book of Bakin,
Otherwise, it is so the literature, such as similar as described below are various exist.

· Usagien novel “imaginary (vacant) 蛮女 of boat” (Takizawa Bakin, Tenri Central Library collection)
· “Hirokata essay” (Hirokata Yashiro, National Archives collection)
Plum of dust “empty (toughness) that the ship” (Nagahashi MataJiro, Mukyu Board special library collection)
· Woodblock Surimono (author unknown, Funabashi west library collection)
· “Oshuku miscellaneous notes” (Komai No邨, Library of Congress collection)
· “Hyoryuki Collection” (author unknown, Nishio City Iwase paperback collection)
· In 2010, ancient documents that have been discovered in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture (private collection)
・ April 2012, [Ibarakishinbun] exotic beauty shipwrecked “hollow boat” Kidan new historical materials to Hitachi of old family

By the way of the above, I write a hollow vessels in the literature as “plum of dust” I “sky ship”.

I will do a meaning of “empty (depression) filtration” of the “empty”, this will be also care with the feeling to something or implied UFO ···

And…, I wrote up here, but is the story of “蛮女 of hollow ship” had been exhausted talks up to now …

In fact, because such things about this “hollow boat” with the historical materials of the new discovery is found, it will be introduced.

※ This article is, by whom the time when written, is all so unclear.

In addition to its literature, is so there was not written information.

The following is the new discovery of historical materials.

According to this, women of the foreign country, there are the “We live about five days, given the meantime food but did not eat.”.

Moreover, it is so this woman, the last will die ··· (· Θ ·;)

Other materials, for example, that’s rabbit Gardens novel of Bakin also will shed into the sea returned to the boat, and in the other historical materials,

Eventually Only then women end up unanswered without being told How do has become the majority.

In this historical materials, as there are a “climate cage to live about five day”, it drifted to you passed away after your day.

In addition, the “food of the Kureso Pujiang us Shokuhazu”, but gave the food, has been recording a state that did not put a totally hand.

In the new discovery of historical materials, the evening of shipwrecked fifth day, just before the woman’s death, there was wrote such a mystery of character, and.

This is, or would like a suicide note …

Or what do I wanted to tell an important message or …?

What to do not to do is to understand of course are written, in other historical materials, was left behind to write something like this will, there is no story that I say …

And finally is probably because of the weakness, and was buried in the temple extinct breath, there are a.

This conclusion also is what is not seen in other historical materials.

( ̄へ ̄|||)

To say that the new discovery of historical materials is found … this I I have deepened more and more mystery ···· (· Θ ·;)

↑ this ride will was what was after all …?

After all UFO? ?

For this mystery, also I hope that the new historical materials is found ^^



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