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Apocalyptic sound a mystery |

Apocalyptic sound a mystery


New Testament in the last written documents “Revelation” in the Bible, angels when the “Last Judgment” begins there is described as Fukinarasu the trumpet.

This wrapper is to be Fukinarasa seven times, have been a catastrophe on the ground in every sound once occurs,

7 th … when the trumpet sounded

The world is said to greet the Last Judgement.

In “Revelation”, if the trumpet sounds, whether they are and what can happen …

Once it will introduce for reference.

Blown first trumpet
Sound the trumpet in the “Revelation” Chapter 8, Section 7. Thereby plush hail and fire on the ground, burn off the ground one-third.

Blown second trumpet
Sound the trumpet in the “Revelation” Chapter 8, Section 8. Thereby reducing the one-third of the sea.

Blown third trumpet
Sound the trumpet in the “Revelation” Chapter 8, Section 10. Thereby drop the star of wormwood to the river, to the one-third of the ground of the river to the poison.

※ By the way, and this wormwood, … also to mean a Chernobyl in the Ukrainian

Blown fourth trumpet
Sound the trumpet in the “Revelation” Chapter 8, Section 12. Thereby, reducing the noon of time to one-third.

Blown fifth trumpet
Sound the trumpet in the “Revelation” Chapter 9, Section 1. As a result, calling the Abaddon.

Blow sixth trumpet
Sound the trumpet in the “Revelation” Chapter 9, verse 13. Thereby, opening the four people of your simple task that has been connected to the banks of the Euphrates, to kill one-third of the ground of human beings.

Blow the seventh trumpet
Sound the trumpet in the “Revelation” Chapter 11, verse 15. Thereby tell the rule of God. And to destroy the rest of the ground of human beings is not a Christian, it caused the thunder or a large earthquake, further rain a hail of large grain on the ground.

In fact, what it has been said that it is the sound of the trumpet that this angel blows, is so it has been reported that has been heard in many parts of the world from around 2011.

The eerie sound that echoed around the world called “Apoka descriptor tick sound”, this is there are rumors of whether not the sound of the aura that mark the end of the world.

※ The Apoka descriptor tick in the sense that the Apocalypse (Apocalypse) = basis of apocalyptic, the sound of you hear the mystery is depicted in “Revelation”,

Is the name given likened to the angel of the trumpet to announce the end of the world.

Christianity for the people, the sound of mysterious sounds from the sky, it might angel I think the sound of the trumpet to inform the natural disasters.

So we will introduce some of the videos that have been referred to as the “Apoka descriptor tick sound”.

・Belarus – August 2011

・Kiev, Ukraine – August 2011

・Canada – August 2013

( ̄へ ̄|||) ・・・ … certainly sounds eerie sound – (especially the last one is too intense …)

This is, that bran certainly up to no good something will come seems unlikely ll (-_-;) ll

Does this identity of Kaion is not the something of underground space is resonance by the atmospheric pressure fluctuates rapidly? There is a huge hole in the basement or rather,

It than to play a role, such as a whistle? Yes Some people rumored.

In addition, although this is the part of some people to argue that the sound to be generated is UFO (alien craft), in this regard, credibility’d say thin ^^;

However, so are some scholars have studied properly with respect to the sound of this mystery, according to a geophysicist of Azerbaijan, “Mr. Erwin Karlov”

“Apoka descriptor tick sound,” has announced the theory that it is a phenomenon that is caused by the interference of the magnetic field with the solar plasma and Earth.

Where Erwin Mr. analyzes the recorded sound, the majority is that had the following low-frequency human audible range.

Its wavelength is consistent with what is called the acoustic gravity waves of the place referred to in the geophysics, from the acoustic gravity waves occurs between the atmosphere and the ionosphere, but seems to have led to such a theory …

However, with respect to this theory, the first place is the acoustic gravity waves are those that are generated in the atmosphere, as can not be considered in conjunction with solar activity, exist many opinions opposite to.

Anyway, one of the theory is also of the street, because it does not out of the realm of hypothesis at present, I think I want to wait for further research in the future.

By the way … this is if, if that’s the sound of the trumpet that sounded of angel to inform the world of the end, or will do that again many times now? ?

After, Tteyuu Toka end of the world when it rings once, I Tenpai state I want simple and … (° _ ° i)



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