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Fate was written「Nadi Astrology」 |

Fate was written「Nadi Astrology」


The Nadi Astrology, in thousands of years ago in ancient India, is a “saint Agasutia have left, leaves of palm and prophecy for the fate of the individual is being written.”

・-Saints image picture of Agasutia.

The leaf has a minute of all the people that would come in looking for this leaf in the future are available, up to a previous life, this world, the afterlife of the people are also said to speak, is exactly what India of mystery itself.

The leaves are carefully stored in some of the mansion of South India, only persons who have undergone special training has become to be able to decipher.

Surprisingly, the leaves and your name, family name of, work, marriage, etc., that with is written in detail from his own life to past life and the afterlife!

Not just a fortune-telling, because really prophecy itself, I heard a lot of people go to read all the way to India.

First of all, the person who called Nadi leader who received special training, you will have a bunch of leaves to match the visited human fingerprint.
Then, while a few questions, you will find a leaf to fit the person.

There leaves are 14 types to suit one person, from what was written about life, relationships with family, previous life of Karma, such as for the afterlife, us with prophecy from all sides.

This work is, but you may end up with a few minutes at the earliest, is that of a sometimes take a few hours, also there is also that there are no leaves very rarely requester when slow.

The following is the type of Nadi Astrology. (14 types)

– Chapter 1: the flow of life

– Chapter 2: property, family and life

– Chapter 3: The brothers

– Chapter 4: Relations and land and purpose of life of the mother

– Chapter 5: For children

– Chapter 6: illness, debt

– Chapter 7: Marriage

– Chapter 8: accidents and life

– Chapter 9: Relations and good luck, faith of his father

– Chapter 10: Work-move

– Chapter 11: income and remarriage

– Chapter 12: expense-afterlife-liberation

– Chapter 13: previous life of Karma

– Chapter 14: How elimination of trouble in this world

But of course, that are written in these prophecies seem not to realize 100% ^^;

Because there is a fundamental concept of “fate is changed in my power”, also written a great future, if we fail the effort to settle in there, you do not realize of course.

Nadi Astrology is a thing that shows the possibility that “if going to open up the future on their own and effort neat, like this I can be a letter life”!

Because it was written in Nadi Astrology is Some people do not realize, it seems Some people with distrust,
The first place Nadi Astrology is not intended to go and assume a fate, Toka it’s something to navigation so as not to get lost!

Therefore, to thank that you have written on the leaves, Indians can continue steadily forward effort with a probability of 90% or more, is so it is going to be realized, which is written on the leaves.

On the other hand the Japanese, no matter how has been written to be nice, has a distrust, like people who do not continue also effort without gratitude to many, the realization rate has been said and with extremely low about 30% I ne … ^^;

But, I think you will care about whether in fact what about the Nadi Astrology …?

↓ (questions)

・ In order to Nadi leader Sujo of the requester in question due to have been revealed, or other staff in another room is not to be able to create a leaf on the fly?

・In addition, at present, is this for the leaves to relevant tour of Agasutia are organized, there is no advance in the Nadi leaders are getting personal information from the travel agency?

・General contents, or not utilizing the effect that would under the impression that it is the content that applies only to you under certain circumstances?

If, it seems to have been said variety.

(-_-) ??

In recent years, the presence of the Nadi Astrology is widely known widely around the world, it seems to be also confirmed the existence of unscrupulous skilled in the art from getting to attract attention,

Some of Nadi leader by utilizing the fact that the sponsor can not read the contents of the leaves, that the better you care for some have to charge a special fee.

Well, even without resorting to Nadi Astrology, people who are able to cherish the voice of your heart from usually is, you might not bother to go dare.



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