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Future People【2062-CORD】Decoding |

Future People【2062-CORD】Decoding


November 2010, he was descended and suddenly the two channels, “Mr. 2062

He says with a self-proclaimed “future who has been doing the time travel from 2062 years”.

Although he seems to have come in the past for the purpose of the secret investigation, about the disasters that occur in 2011 – 2062, while on a two-channel residents of the question that I want you to tell me the “can not be said to be related to demographic change”, did you worried about things we had left to leave the encryption.

It is here.

“However, keep advice.

y Oh between N meaning 埜 b at ㋹ “

This, 2 channel residents “climb the mountain” immediately and decipher!

“I paddle do, which is also the sea level rise?”

A large tsunami of “outrageous scale
Come I wonder if? “

Once, I this time did not even bear to worry too much, but …

Large tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011 of the “2062 Mr.” is next year that descended (2011) struck the Tohoku region.

In addition, he had promised to return again, I before and after the April 15, 2016 “Kumamoto earthquake” occurs.

As a result, still he knew the future! Prophet! And now, we suddenly in the spotlight on the net.

And…, But were introduced in the previous article so far, he is able to convey this in addition to direct as well, it has left some of the encryption to the questions that hesitation.

Since they are also decrypted by the two channels resident, we will be introduced.

Truth of the Kennedy assassination

931: was really scary nameless [sage]: Posted Date: 2010/11/14 22: 03: 06ID: rzg / 2nC + 0

Kennedy assassination of reason have been published?

With respect to the question, “Mr. 2062” is the answer in the following manner.

950: was really scary nameless []: Posted: 2010/11/14 22: 33: 04ID: L12r5lqQ0

>> 931
It had been published a long time ago.
Now I think it would be a person that does not believe for modern people.
I said do not know whether or bad okay to, but can be understood solved.

“1gbm9dlo1gyh5g5jkp6” …?

This is, first glance, it looks as appropriate hit, was meaning is hidden properly to this.


If this is allowed to correspond to the kana characters on the keyboard one character at a time,

Nuqui Como Yoshi lira Nuqui link Exhibition Emma Roh Theo

To become, from this string, it … Chillon Konori and look for the appropriate and likely character of a person in the President Kennedy assassination is a pick up from the character string.

This is, what! I was in the car of the front row aboard the Kennedy
That it was a name of John Kona Lee Texas governor! !

When you examine the video that contains the assassination scene of Kennedy, just before Kennedy’s head is shot through,

It is so evident that John Connally to sit in the front seat is somehow turn around the direction of Kennedy.

From this suspicious activity, there are rumors that was hiding a device that can fire a bullet to the backward reliably kill so.

In addition, “Mr. 2062” is, when it descended again in July of next 2011 years, the truth of this Kennedy assassination, is writing an alternative encryption.

It is here

886: ◆ wbBrH1aGfM []: Posted: 2011/07/23 22: 48: 21ID: ytPUxZv + P
>> Is 781 replies thanks
> Brazenly also ask the encryption of place
Speaking the ultimate tips, emerge and to cross the array.
The following alternative encryption if difficult.
Perpetrator of the first Kennedy assassination


… Of this “6a2R8A1k3a2s2A7K1a3S6”

Extraction only letters.
aRaAkasAKaS → SaKAsakARa (from upside down)

The following are extracts only numbers.

Letters will continue to shake the number from upside down to the street, which is specified in the 1 to 26 character alphabet in A ~ Z.

A = 26 ~ Z = 1

62813227136 → 6 2 8 13 22 7 13 is divided into 6, conversion to the corresponding letter.

UYSNETNU → UNTENSYU from upside down → I a driver!

Now, the mystery that has been said that can not be sniping and Golgo 13 average of sniper is not here was solved.


The first cipher 1gbm9dlo1gyh5g5jkp6 represents the mastermind John Connally
An alternative is that of the encryption 6a2R8A1k3a2s2A7K1a3S6 represents the driver Bill Greer is the perpetrators!

This is, in other words the Kennedy assassination is, if it is the crime of driver Bill Greer of perpetrators who conspired with John Connally, is so has been decrypted from the encryption of “Mr. 2062”.

The truth of the Yamataikoku?

In addition, the topic is … also Yamataikoku

960: was really scary nameless [sage]: Posted Date: 2010/11/14 22: 52: 15ID: k8wUKQJo0

Since the valuable opportunity. Future who’s to

Do you come with the conclusion of Yamataikoku controversy?

For questions, answers, “Mr. 2062”

130: was really scary nameless []: Posted: 2010/11/21 19: 24: 25ID: Hy0LWg9D0 [5/16 times (PC)]· Yamataikoku real, or whereabouts was confirmed?
I learned that the various hypotheses was out.
I do not know what to say to say, but can be understood solved.

This “75srp6eye9” thing to have been deciphered also! (; ¯Д¯)

It is amazing! 2 Chan’nera’s respect to you ^^

How to solve the encryption is the same as in the time of the Kennedy assassination crime,
Each alphanumeric and to correspond to the kana characters on the keyboard.

It will be “Yae and Songshan Iyo N nephew”.

And sort this, you come out the letter “Yayoi laid Tosen’i” (→ Yayoi end east transition).

For the location of the Yamataikoku is, Kinai theory, Kyushu theory, moving the capital east theory, yes there is such as a secondary dynasty collateral theory.

And, what emerged from the 2062’s cipher, moving the capital east theory (winning relocation)

Moving the capital east theory, to Yamataikoku the Yayoi period last stage that had flourished in Kyushu, to transition the country to Kinki of the east, it is a theory that became the cornerstone of the Yamato court.

By the way, it is so, “Joe Makumoniguru” of psychic detective was the conclusion of moving the capital east theory even when viewed through the “Yamataikoku”.

And, “Mr. 2062” is now, I had to leave the encryption also earthquake to become the most care.

Crisis of the massive earthquake that had been hidden in the cipher!

2 channel resident there and has made the writing, such as the following.

151: reasoning man ◆ GXvyG0MfSw [sage]: Posted Date: 2012/12/18 22: 27: 24ID: UZe7EHLN0
In this side it appeared the prophet from 2013 of April 15, 2016
Events of up to again Mr. 2062 to visit the modern
Get me to write clearly to w

Then, of whether “Mr. 2062” is Advent was worried about our future! !

Leave the following cipher, it has left again.

It is, here.

    207: ◆ GqwAR6gt9w []: Posted: 2012/12/20 14: 07: 45ID: zHkDlysM0


    38d 9293 c5401d79y9e9affbbe4e2 88e81
    691 d66 b3ca17afba11d4606fc89f7 8745
    a5607ee bb953063w449ab8c5a82 b18 4db
    8398f78f2 1ae1e5aec3ca14 0db259 5553
    69c5 c6984233ac2t5c6c0bd2 0d 6395204
    82b3 86 74c38b80fef43d5603fd6fd94 99
    208636e1f9de594g04 5c431f 10f 18f414
    a67e2abf af4fef9e033d8985 569407 7bd
    35fa2 87382b 2199k6db0bd15525 16a743
    c9 811011b2f3218aa7ffb5848 8852 acfc
    41 6bcd86e c1b51fud321fb9 79cd7e72e0
    e89 1222b8dbe36dq2d118ee5 40ed923 48
    6e4428 f56050de2 h561fe932773f2b 8ac
    2af9fe04b0ccd1bgdf42f5 45eb 365 75d9
    648 a63ec6 4cee 5aueedcf200be4012367
    a15dfde a071c10fo4fff f5dc0ff8d cfbb
    71860c70dd 06651 r715696a4 40f2fb1c5
    a579 e5037 9ab8 4ctff8227e185c15c6db
    2086 36e1f9 de594i045c431f10f 18f414
    a67e2abfaf4fef9a033d 89855 6940 77bd
    35fa28 7382b2199k6 db 0bd1552516a743
    c9811011b2f3218na7ffb 58488 852 acfc
    416b cd86ec1b51fa d321fb979c d7e72e0
    e89122 2b8dbe 36dn2d118e e540ed92348

 208: ◆ GqwAR6gt9w []: Posted: 2012/12/20 14: 09: 03ID: zHkDlysM0
    xueirotciv tnias

    1 a n
    e k
    a w 4
    u 0 M

    Catch the time wave!
    Jaguar and Hyodo and .. Tiger Lloyd!
    Destination 21/7/2011 Next 6/2013

that’s all.

All meaning I do not know ^^;

By the way, the last of
Catch the time wave!
Jaguar and Hyodo and .. Tiger Lloyd!
Destination 21/7/2011 Next 6/2013
Meaning about the writing that has been found.

People that 2062 Mr. at the time in July 2011, of the “Jaguar” was indebted,
By “Hyodo” is 2062’s co-workers and,,
“Tiger” leave of is that of the 2062’s supporters that has been written in November and December 2012.

This, once again is better of the two channels of the residents told me to decipher hard.

Then … there is had hidden the terrible earthquake of crisis! !

Cipher it is composed in English and numbers,

If you have a closer look, you will not love it here and there space.

In fact, when the pack this space all, any line you become exactly the same number of characters.

And this cipher rather than the horizontal direction, we believe in the vertical direction.

Rather than from the top to say that vertical, … from the bottom

The result of the interpretation of the encryption is here.


nankai trough quake getaway (Nankai Trough earthquake chickie)

… How do receive this message, it is up to you.



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