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2020 Tokyo devastating! ?【Prophecy of the Illuminati Card】 |

2020 Tokyo devastating! ?【Prophecy of the Illuminati Card】


There is a card that a number of incidents that occur in the world has been rumored to have been prophetic.

Its name is “Illuminati Card”.

This is a “Steve Jackson Games” in made in 1995, the card game of the United States of the game production company,

Official name is the “Illuminati New World Order”.

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This time, I think from within the Illuminati card and would like to introduce the card of “Combined Disasters / complex disaster”.

What this card, it has been rumored to or not than being predicted the incident or disaster in Japan can happen in 2020 …

Be such a story suddenly, I will what fancy for those who do not know this card? ? But I think so … ^^;

Before moving on to the main topic to … now, we will introduce a little bit of what has been prophesied that card is what it.

■ past disasters that Illuminati card game had been predicted

Why this card game is said or not you’re predicted the disasters and incidents that happen in the world …?

It is left to still strongly storage gruesome That incident.
It will start from the 911 terrorist attacks that occurred in the United States.
The terror spread rumors and or not than had been previously predicted, and we are urban legend of birth are a variety of interpretation up to the present.

This, it is said that the card had been predicted the September 11.

Trade Center lifelike card left that has exploded with his airplane.
Right burning Pentagon.

And, happened in our country, had become a hot topic as had been predicted also that the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Nuclear power plant, which cracked from the left, surging tsunami (right)

When this card upside down …

It has been discovered that has been what hidden a number of “311”!
This became a hot topic, until today, is that of a Some people are challenged to decipher the Illuminati card desperately.

Based on the above, So you will be written about the future of fear, which is said to have been hidden in the “Combined Disasters / complex disaster” card.

This is the card.

This card is that the same as the clock tower of Wako building at the intersection of Ginza 4-chome, has become a rumor or is not happen disaster, such as the painting in Tokyo.

(━_━) ゝ  … I’ve certainly similar.

Although depicted watches are numbers and debris it has been this time Toka … various interpretations because look to the numbers, seemed all manner Nope, I always was a mystery whether this disaster would happen.

However, it has been interesting interpretation recently!

Although this is fleeing people, note the color and the other people of the clothes the color of the tie of this people.

Has become the five colors of black, green, yellow, blue, and red.

This I do not reminiscent something?

So, it is said that the color of the front of the five clothes represents the color of the Olympic mark.

Olympic mark … that had been hidden and Tokyo Ginza Wako building

This is, or will do, such that in Tokyo Combined Disasters (complex disaster) occurs in 2020 …

The problem is, it is that Ginza clock tower of Tokyo is in the collapsed state.

Is this a bomb terrorism, I do not know disaster such as an earthquake, it is said that accident of about Bill is broken suggesting that occur.

Then, it is about the clock tower time, this is has been said to be 2:54 with 11:11, … also it was time that the disaster occurs

Well, the future because the seismic intensity 6 lower or more of the earthquake within 30 years in the Kanto region the probability of occurrence is said also that it more than 60 percent, but is no wonder even if there is a large earthquake in the Olympic Games of the year …

Somehow safely is what Tokyo Olympics I want you to success ^^;

There! Then, about this story, or I do not believe you believe is up to you ^^;



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