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【Ghost spot】Poveglia-island |

【Ghost spot】Poveglia-island


This time, Poveria island to introduce is the uninhabited island floating in the nearby city of Venice, Italy, which is known as a city of water.

Historically, this island became the scene of many of the tragedy is now rumored to obsession, “one place to see the most ghost in the world”.

Its black history, dates back to the 14th century plague is prevalent in Venice.

Although plague infected person is isolated and would be survivors that it would be dead it is basic, at that time, that of the Poveria island has been used for the isolation ward.

Isolation as was also completely left the state to say is no difficult to imagine, seems to have been the island of death that do not go back is alive and twice if you go.

In addition, it is also said to have been well-known as the ancient Roman cemetery …

↑ This photo appears to interior photos of the hospital, which was built in Poveria island.

Is a myriad of bed is lined up vivid but isolated to … Poveria Island, was continued from 1348 to plague epidemic began until 1793.

… This is, over the even of long time 445 years, I Italian government will be subjected to Poveria island isolation to plague patients (━_━)

Meanwhile, heck how much people have exhausted life here, it is frightening just to imagine …

“More than half of the island of soil ashes of the dead” have been said until that can be in,

Locals not try to approach never to this island Toka …

In addition to the early 20th century was built also isolated psychiatric ward, isolate the patient spirit to have an abnormality, it began to be used as a facility to be imprisoned.

Then I begin to start is once again bad rumor in this psychiatric ward.

Toka it, the doctor has performed the inhumane human experimentation to the patient for their own greed,

Patients who were obsessed with the Spirit was a suicide, mad doctor was tortured patient, such as ·· (- “-; A …

From such a thing, is so the hospital has been forced to close in 1968.

Whether such because of these historical, person or a strange experience in this island, there are a number of reports, such as ghost sightings

It came to be known as one of the “most scary haunted places in the world”.

“When the wicked man dies, wake up in the Poveria island” in the neighboring region proverb is said to and, that of the feared …

Such cursed island, what! … To the auction? (¯ □ |||| !!

Italian government, in an effort to reduce the debt of and growing country, consider the funds subsidize measures in the sale of state-owned land.

Poveria island also become the target in its part, it seems to have become a carry exerted to auction.

In fact, rather than not to sell the ownership of the country, so a form that gives the “99 years of the lease rights”,

The government side, including castles and Abbey Ruins, which has been left on the island to build a “luxury hotel”, to look for suppliers who are developing as a tourist destination,

Poveria island, the distance from Venice in the heart of St. Mark’s Square about 10 minutes by boat.

Location is the best!

… And it seems to have called on domestic companies ^^;

Inhabitants of Venice, Giudecca district across the island and the sea’re raising the voice of “waited” to this.

Inhabitants, launched a Facebook page called “Poveglia per tutti (everyone Poveria)”,

Start a movement themselves to be obtained the lease rights to participate in the auction. Toward the procurement 20,000 euro target amount (about 280 million),

It is said that calling for a donation of 99 euros to the participants (about 14,000 yen).

( ̄へ ̄|||)・・・・・

Luxury Hotel Is … in such island

I myself am not want to go too much fear, if accustomed to luxury hotel is built, or will become towards our attractions psychic spot mania ^^;

By the way, now, it is that the have become no-go zone by the Italian government.



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