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The Sheivae Project of mystery |

The Sheivae Project of mystery


This time might fairly thin story is credible … ^^; I hope you can become even to kill time.

The other day, the Voyager 1 Where are current? But it was also introduced in the article,

The purpose of the spacecraft was launched in 1977, Voyager 1 and No. 2 is the “outer planets and the solar system outside of the search of the solar system.”

In this two aircraft are already in operation 40 years now that nearly has passed, such as the sharp image shooting and a new satellite discovery of the planet, has continued to play a significant contribution to astronomy.

In fact, in its Voyager, there is another purpose.

It is contact with extraterrestrial intelligent life that are somewhere in this universe.

The Voyager has been equipped with matches such as the message that was directed to the alien “Golden Record”,

This caught the eye of one day extraterrestrial intelligent life, is decoded, we are expecting that the communication can be achieved.

However, the universe is so too vast to intelligent life you’re somewhere in the … the universe is us received the message, there is no guarantee whether the human race exists in this world.

However become now, “Golden record of already Voyager is discovered by extraterrestrial intelligent life, the reply NASA is to catch” people who claim to have emerged.

Its “exposed the voice file to hide was NASA Gahi” a video that their project has been published, is said has become a big topic.

Had been housed there, what! That of the “alien of real voice”! !

Really this is, do you contact with the alien to be the first time in human history?

This is the voice of the problem.

“The Sheivae Project / VGR” (You Tube)

This was to expose the “real voice of the alien” is like a tissue of the mystery of “The Sheivae Project”.

Project name that this Sheivae is derived from the name of extraterrestrial intelligent life that has been reply identified himself.

Voice is distorted considerably by the noise of short, electronic sound and the dial tone …

But there is a strange voice that certainly speak in English had been housed.

The following is the reply from the alien for the Golden record.

“Hello, I Sheive”

“I received your our message. Came all the way from far away than your world.”

“You’re not in a lonely existence.”

“Hope you have received my message. Hope that my message is understood. I’m trying to learn the language of you guys.”

“…… I lost sight of you’re wondering. Mother star”

“I am also in the adventurers, even in space voyagers, not a Creator. You’re the person I took the first contact.”

“I want you to …… to you …. I’m not your enemy. I is not intended to be hostile.”

・・・ (-Θ- 🙂

Do at the end of the year paranormal phenomena (secret) there is a pick-up likely story in the X-Files, but …

According to the description of the project, this voice says the thing that unmanned spacecraft that NASA is by feeding on Mars “Curiosity” was recorded in 2012.

The voice project, succeeded in top secret obtained through the phrase muscle! I that decided to leak towards the whole world.

This “alien of the real voice”, there is no going to miss Mr. Scott wear ring of the famous UFO researcher.

Of course, this time of the voice also own analysis, that of the have announced their own views on the site.

And he succeeded in contact with the female Twitter user that it was received from the person (deceased) in the recording of this problem,

“Voice is a genuine undoubtedly, some of which to prove it.” I pulled out of the testimony that!

“It’s certainly a strange story. However, .NASA also true that there is no point to doubt is something that does not publicly such a discovery.”

It is Waring, who was told, but it seems the position that you hold judgments about the authenticity of the moment sound.

On the other hand, also rife voice, such as: voice on the net is that it is fake.

“Ridiculous. Overflowing Nante software to alter the voice.”

“I believe in the existence of aliens, this is too poor …”

“Alien there is no reason to use the wording say” I’m not your enemy. ‘ “

… I like ^^;

However, the project side in this acrimonious reaction is quick reaction!

A man named Victor is a member of the project, he declared that “the time to publish further information if you come” to the YouTube user.

March 1, 2016, was actually published a new audio file.


“The Sheivae Project / Signal” (You Tube)

According to Victor said, or video viewer does not believe Do you believe this is referred to as not a big problem.

“We are always in the act of exposing these great danger dogged,

I understand that I want to pay homage to the fact that the Tell the people “to affecting such risks.

(━_━) ゝ ・・・

Also in 1969, seems to Apollo 10 has received a strange voice (sound like whistling) in the back of the month, but …

It does not maybe have been sending some kind of message they Toward always alien earthlings.



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