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Tokugawa Ieyasu – contact – alien「Meat-humen」 |

Tokugawa Ieyasu – contact – alien「Meat-humen」


In the book of the Edo era,
Ieyasu Tokugawa is so certain of, such as seems to have contact with the alien description exists several points.

For example, it was put together by Makisumi hermit (Maki voxel does) in two volumes of “one good story” is
It comes out this story.

1609 (1609) April 4 appearance is “meat man” to sunpu castle gardens have the Ieyasu Tokugawa! !


It is, that of 1609 after from that Sekigahara nine years (1609) …

Already, Ieyasu Tokugawa began to hand over the shogun to Hidetada of third son called “mogul”,

Own Sumpu Castle was built as a castle of retirement at (Sumpu Yuzuru = Shizuoka City, Aoi-ku), while adjusting the bipolar politics of the east of Hidetada, that keep an eye out to the west of Toyotomi house movement,

Is why had sent a semi-retirement life, but …

It is of such a kind of March 4th.

Although the spring, appeared square moon still chilly season … jet-black night sky, people are astounded! !

“It may be something sinister happens.”
If, in the streets, but was shy Kimiwaru unanimously, at that time without incident, unawares, has disappeared also the month …

However, one month after the 1609 (1609) that on April 4 … sunpu castle gardens, a bizarre thing never seen “the human type of organism”, it appeared suddenly.

“At (the figure is) like a child, in order also referred to as a meat person, the hand is with the fingers rather than, Mote a finger defunct hand, there Tataru ones pointing to the top.”

And say clearly, the monster eye also is in the hands without any nose raise the arm toward the also no human heaven finger, it says to have been complaining of something. In the book of the Edo era,
Ieyasu Tokugawa is so certain of, such as seems to have contact with the alien description exists several points.

Security is, but it should thoroughgoing for the castle generals live,

Why I like this Phantom of matter it is a mystery whether he wandered into the castle …

Anyway, the garden with the advent of the bizarre organisms fuss! !

“Nanda’, the array!?”
“What monster? A monster?”
And, although the slapstick, only to anyone not know what good Uosao …

During, but there were also those who try to catch, this is on jet-black if you rather, it seems it was not possible to catch quite.

Before long, the garden of the fuss is to be heard in the castle, indeed
“This is better, which had been placed in the ear of the public Ieyasu …”
“How about, or’ll see?”
And, … to be set up your ask

Then Ieyasu …

“Since it is not in the Wake I was separately … something, somewhere, away with the mountain away from the castle-of-sight” and the thing with the instruction to the vassal.

Where it brings together all of the power, somehow caught the “that person”, expelled from the castle, it seems to have abandoned deep in the mountains, which was a short distance away …

By the way, that day, through around 4 o’clock from around 2:00 pm, Tanabiki cloud off a bizarre light in the sky to the east and west, … Maybe you had also Nante … that disappeared from the east soon

Later, Yakushi has heard the story

“I mon it was downright regrettable that Naa ~ …

Because there was no academic to those who serve around, Ieyasu had missed the chance of a lifetime to get the elixir!

That person is something that ,, in the “Shirasawa view (Hakutakuzu = those who introduced Yoi demon on the ancient Chinese legend),” “seal (law)”!

The meat eating and become a multi-force, are written and heroism also increase greatly.

Even if Ieyasu is also not public to eat, eat Once someone vassals, did not have the know-it-all … though it was to great effect is, Kaesugaesu also a shame! ! “

Thing with chagrin Therefore if ··· (· Θ ·;)

… So what was that from its human form of the organism?

… Meat people … eyes as children also raised their arms toward the sky in the hand there is no nose without any finger, and had complained of something,

It will had to say even that he came from outer space? ?

In addition, the identity of the meat people is so there is also a story I specter “nuppeppō”.

The nuppeppō, but is the specter of one head only indistinguishable from both body both face,

It seems there is also a theory that was in there this monster called “noppera-bō” after.

(-_-) ・・・

… Time of an exceptionally, it is intended that there is a strange story (^. ^ “)



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