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The mystery of the alien Areshenka |

The mystery of the alien Areshenka


Is that of August 13, 1996.

Russia Cheriabinsuku, at Kaorinovi village

Tamara Vashiriefuna-Purosuvirina that lived To little things in response to the pensioner was walking to the village cemetery.

It is in her one of the few daily routine, she is every day, went to the cemetery picking flowers, is brought back it says that adorned his room with flowers.

She also is suffering from psychosis, is from the neighborhood seems to have been seen as eccentric.

And that day is also coming back from the cemetery as usual, she went to bed after dinner suddenly, I woke up in a strange voice there.

Its voice is so urged her again, to go to right now cemetery!

In accordance with the time being she is voice, Nari get dressed and got up, went to the cemetery again to hand the lanterns.

… And I was waiting for her, standing on top of the Tsuchiyama of the tomb, strange organisms! !

The organism is have length about 25cm, a huge eye, that it is not a human thing of it was evident in her eyes.

Tamara is receiving its biological and a gift from God, return him to the house, named “Areshenka” to the organism, and began living together.

She Nari get to the house, it was to first to examine the body of the organism in detail

The organism – Areshenka is fat plump, body is so was shaking like a jelly; ¯ b ¯)!

Brown large head against the proportion of the body, it is, such as piled five petals, onion type.

Skin is not a hair in gray dull, there is a kind of hole in place of the ear, nose is a small hole is open there is no relief,

That of the organisms seemed to be breathing from there.

A small hole in the mouth can spread, it is in the mouth there is a small teeth and unusually long tongue,

Not to emit the voice, it seems it was just like sounds of the sometimes quiet whistle.

With huge eyes gray-black, rather than eyelid, also a pupil had repeatedly opened and closed …

In addition to the long finger that by four this there is a small nail, without what appears to genitals, such as shown in the gender, all mammals have, the umbilicus (navel) also I that did not have the body.

After that, it was found to live together, there is that the organism nuclear occasionally sweat, is so the smell was said also to have somewhere sweet smell good.

o (-_-; *)  …?

If believe in this story, a feature of the organism is I do not think only with aliens …

However, strange community life of Tamara and Areshenka seems did not last long …

For Tamara it is “to me, was able to cute children named Areshenka” to the villagers had been around and say that,

One day, by one of the villagers thought the feel of Tamara has become strange, was to contact a psychiatrist,

Tamara was forced to admitted to the closed ward.

Tamara “at home, my children are being left behind in one person” to the doctors and nurses but was desperately argued that,

Anyone you who did not believe that says Tamara …

However, in one of the villagers, we have regularly asked the original Tamara, a man named Narudinofu who also knew that the Areshenka is, know that Tamara was admitted to the closed ward,

In a hurry anxious about only Areshenka went to the home of Tamara!

When Narudinofu enters into the room, there is already Ikitae, I mummified Areshenka had been lying in bed …

Narudinofu decided to bring to the home the corpse of Areshenka was mummified.

However, then you will be soon, the police asked the home of Narudinofu.

It has no relation to Areshenka, because doubt had hung that stole the wire from the neighboring village.

At this time, the police found the dead body of Areshenka, it and were asked to appraisal experts believe it that it is a small child’s body.

The results of the police side appraisal, the man is from corpse of Areshenka clearly different, but I was found as 20 feature …

For some reason, I thought that there is no incident of about Areshenka, more research was not done.

There is also a mysterious story.

Then, is that when the “Star Academy UFO-Contact in Zolotov Method” that UFO research organizations, had conducted a survey of Areshenka.

According to the person named Galina Semenkova is a representative, when was carrying to the research facility the dead body of Areshenka,

Because suddenly, the sky car engine is stopped appears UFO, the alien that showed up from the UFO has been requested to hand over the dead body of Areshenka,

… That I had as it passes the dead body of Areshenka to alien

In addition, Tamara is the discoverer of Areshenka is so have died run over by a car on the highway on August 5, 1999.

According to witnesses, at that time Tamara is almost naked state, like go toward in a straight line to the highway as if they were called to something, where that of to have been run over by a car.

In a few days later, I visited the original program staff of TV Asahi of Tamara of Japan, because the interview had been scheduled to take place,

Maybe, perhaps it was someone of the work you do not want to know any more about Areshenka …

And the truth of Areshenka is

April 15, 2004, is Vadim Sherunoburofu of UFO researchers, it handed the cloth with a bloodstain that had wrapped the dead body of Areshenka from the bereaved family of Tamara,

Things to Moscow gene laboratory and were asked to DNA analysis.

As a result, it seems DNA from the bloodstain that was attached to the cloth seems to be of the human female has been detected.

In other words, Areshenka is not never in such alien, but is said to be that it was only young girls of human beings was almost finalized …

They are now dead body of Areshenka is missing, because they died also Tamara of the first discoverer, the truth has become remains unclear.



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