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【Panama Papers】Hidden assets of Japanese companies "61 trillion yen"! |

【Panama Papers】Hidden assets of Japanese companies “61 trillion yen”!


This time, is about the “Panama Papers” that are making noise in the streets.

The Panama document that the internal documents of the 11.5 million-point that has flowed from the law firm of Central America Panama (Mosakku Fonseca),

Office contract documents with the world of the wealthy and companies that helped the company established in tax havens, which include e-mail,

The amount of data, what! 2,600 gigabytes (; ¯Д¯)

This is per to about 1500 times that of the United States diplomatic official telegram to the whistle-blowing site “WikiLeaks” was obtained in 10 years.

Cameron by its outflow, Putin, Xi Jinping and droves, well-known of the street is the specific name came out.

This problem previously, had become concerned about all the way from writing articles.

The last time I hidden assets that Japanese companies have been accumulated wealth busily using the tax haven has to tell the 55 trillion yen, but …

However, it is actually so much more, up to 61 trillion yen! !

This is the thing with can be seen by examining the international balance of payments statistics that the Bank of Japan has published.

In the statistics, there is a regional statistics, it comes out the Cayman Islands, known as a tax haven in this.

18 trillion 641.1 billion yen balance at the time of the end of 2001 for the 55,000 people less than in the Cayman Islands.

In the data of the end of 2013 continued more and more from there, what! 60 trillion 928 billion yen!

And now (April 2016), since such should have increased more …

Or it would have been to 69 trillion yen position in the simple calculation? ? ?

This means, I suspect that the 69 trillion yen of corporate profits has been escaped taxation!
Because 69 trillion yen or more

※ is only expected on the calculation.

If now the corporate tax rate on this profit is applied, it is calculated to be approximately 15 trillion 860 billion yen.

Equivalent to the tax revenue is consumption tax of 8% worth just profit released to the Cayman Islands!

Consumption tax rate of 1% tax revenue of 2 trillion yen worth – because it is said to be equivalent to about 8% of the other current consumption tax only in the Cayman Islands minute.

Says many times, but this is only the Cayman Islands minute!

Furthermore Along with the Cayman Islands of the same British territory, such as the Virgin Islands most it can be said that the representative of the tax haven that is not collect taxes,

It will be … tremendous amount of money When you align the other tax haven.

Realities of tax haven is nothing other than tax evasion.

Have been built a mechanism that can legally tax evasion, is the problem has not prevented it.

Hori ○ Mont’m good because not a illegal! Says, but it will be this circumvention of the law is Japanese companies ridiculous Once out spear from thorough search ^^;

Though, is the same level as that saying circumvention drag is as I say because it legal.

If you leave them alone this forever, After all, in this alien of our people is a problem, a toll in the form of such as the consumption tax increases will come more and more.

Here again, as you change the defoaming drag → danger drag and name,

Tax avoidance to the tax haven → even than change consciousness of “danger tax evasion” and the company side by changing? ?

… Well, it will not change ^^;

Well then, I wish if the development of the law to Torishimareru the gray act close to the black without this guarantee? I think···

Negative reasons in Japan CFC

Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary Panama document “refrain from rash comments”

I understand that “there is no thought to investigate the document as the Japanese government” …

(━_━) ゝ Wurm

It’s like admitting that I have all relationships aligned with that I do not pursue the ruling and opposition parties ^^;

It is still, politicians will because the side have a delicious think getting donations from companies.

Since the power side that can legislation has benefited without trying to change its structure, when that has been acquiescence even it is not in question.

And it can not do anything against it is also the common people that the have suffered damage as well, further big problem …

Anyway, those who do not belong with it this remains the privileged class, while nothing is informed, not even would Ne Ika endure forever.

In order to eliminate this absurdity, there is a need to close the loopholes in the law.

President Obama of the United States says as follows (for the tax haven).

“It is a problem that many of the acts they’ve become legal. Law is allowing too poor and responsibility avoidance.”

“International big problem.”

“There is a loophole that only can use the wealthy and big business.”

“Everyone should be fair to pay the tax according to the same rules.”

… (゚ー゚) (._.) Uh-huh

But is Japanese, it has become want to put a vote on President Obama ^^;

By the way, in early May, the completed analysis of the enormous Panama document,

It seems going to all of the corporate and personal name will be announced.

I hope Japan will change for the better in the wake of the publication.


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